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Wir helfen Ihnen (sich zu) präsentieren.

Our Mission

In today's world, presentations and communication are key components of everyday business, whether you are pitching to a customer or conversing with superiors and employees. The importance of such occasions is reflected in the pressure people feel when facing them. Professional expertise is only one part of the equation; having employees who can speak with confidence is a major factor in delivering convincing presentations.

Our wealth of experience in executive training, psychotherapy, drama and theater pedagogy have given us a keen ability to employ targeted, individualized coaching methods that help employees master and combine a range of body language tools with proper verbal delivery and a winning "stage presence" to give successful presentations.

It is by no means a coincidence that our team consists of actors and psychologists. We believe this combination allows us to equip your employees with all the tools necessary to master the challenge of giving presentations more confidently and efficiently going forward. Having employees with enhanced presentation skills will greatly benefit your business on the whole.

We have helped Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung, the Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Baden-Württemberg and the Deutsche PsychotherapeutenVereinigung and Greenberg Traurig (GT).

Neuhaus und Neuhaus

Helmut Neuhaus
Psychotherapist and coach

Helmut Neuhaus has been a practicing psychotherapist since 1975 and opened his own practice in Münster in 1991. He still counsels patients there, focusing on trauma therapy. He has continually educated himself, acquiring additional therapy skills such as EMDR, EDxTM and PEP and effectively incorporating them into his work as a trainer, consultant and coach. When he began in 1985 his focus was organizational and staff development. Today, he profits from those experiences as a mental coach for elite athletes and speakers. Recently, he has gained new experiences in advanced training as a performance coach for music students at Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen.

>>Our training sessions are not some miraculous quick-fix. We help you find the best way to make progress as quickly as possible – our aim is to enable you to achieve peak performance!<<

Helmut Neuhaus is a psychotherapist and coach. He will show your employees how to cope with the psychological challenges related to public speaking. He evaluates a client's inner attitude and his or her individual issues in private discussion, then formulates approaches to remedy those issues and later monitors a client's progress throughout the process. He relies on easily conveyable techniques and equips speakers with tailored strategies to reflect upon and to react appropriately to pertinent problems and successes. He helps your employees recognize their strengths and weaknesses and find their own presentation styles so they are capable of developing them further and continually improving upon them independently.

Gerrit Neuhaus
Actor, director and theatre pedagogue

Gerrit Neuhaus was born in 1981 in Münster and grew up there. After finishing his Abitur and studying theater pedagogy he earned his Diplom in acting at Hanover University of Music, Drama and Media. He then joined the ensemble of the Deutsches Theater in Göttingen for three years. He has been working as a presentation coach since 2012 and currently lives in Berlin. He continues to work in theater education, act and direct.

>>Of course, I have a compendium of general tips I can teach you, but the most exciting tools I can provide to you are the personal recommendations I make based on my observations of you as an individual.<<

Gerrit Neuhaus focuses on improving how your employees present themselves and the impression they make on others. He uses his professionally trained eye as an actor and theater educator to observe a person's effect on others and how he or she presents his or herself; he uses that as a basis to teach suitable techniques to mitigate stage fright and recommends targeted voice and body exercises. He also provides basic knowledge on the fundamentals of communication and speaking to groups. He, too, emphasizes an individual approach, formulating strategies for each employee in individual discussions and thus enabling your employees to engage audiences in a self-assured, authentic and skilled manner in the future.

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