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Our Concept

You develop and fine-tune your individual presentation style with us so you become a more confident and natural speaker. Every individual possesses his or her own natural appeal. We also have specific character traits that set us apart from others: for example, if you are a naturally active person, we would show you how to use the entire stage to give a more gripping presentation; if you have a naturally calm demeanor, we will teach you how to harness the power of tranquility and composure to allow you to speak more confidently.

We will help you learn to deal effectively with stage fright and pressure situations. A healthy dose of channelled excitement promotes your abilities, stress hinders them. To strike the right balance, we offer physical relaxation techniques, such as process-of-embodiment focused psychology (PEP), EMDR and helpful hints from professional acting.

We identify your strengths und develop them so they become the foundation of your performance. We do not give you a strict list of do’s and don'ts, but evaluate your abilities to give you clarity on the things you can implement naturally that do not rob you of energy. Equipped with the knowledge of what works for you, you will have a well of tools you can resort to when you need them, even in difficult speaking situations.

You will be able to call upon techniques that allow you to very quickly master every speaking appearance. A variety of stage rules exist for things such as how to take effective breaks in speech and how to make a neat exit; these tools will add a professional touch to your speaking appearances. We are experts in teaching these methods, a fact that distinguishes us from many other public speaking coaches.

You learn how to convey your message to your audience and how to successfully guide them through your presentation. Everyone knows you should make eye contact with your audience, but they seldom understand why. We explain the reasoning behind that and also give tips on how to deal with inconvenient impromptu questions. You learn to proactively guide the discussion so you are in clear command of your audience.

You define your goals along with us and we foster your development. Being able to give speeches better in general is a good goal, yet not specific enough to attain change. We therefore formulate detailed personal aims and are more than happy to accompany you during the development process, whether via phone, Skype or on site when you are presenting.

We specifically learn about your needs und structure an optimal framework in which you can perform. There is obviously a big difference between communicating content to 500 listeners and presenting to five colleagues. Your presentation should integrate the topic and the type of audience to which you are presenting. That is a basis upon which you can establish an amply reassuring structure. The more precisely you know the motives for what you are doing, the more it helps you achieve the appropriate effect on your audience.

You will gain increased communicative impact and even learn how to put a positive spin on and benefit from slips of the tongue. Everyone has a natural way of communicating. Humans have developed this ability over thousands of years and each one of us learns it from day one. The most effective approach is to build upon your natural ability. An accent or regional dialect can be a door opener, and you will be amazed at how vivid, charming and masterful a speaker can appear by making light of slipups instead of trying to hide them.

We make a point of bolstering your confidence as a speaker while strategically avoiding anything that might shake that confidence. As in other areas of life, our early experiences with public speaking at school or in other contexts stay with us as adults. Many are helpful, while others merely handicap us. We will examine those experiences together and determine which aspects are beneficial and how to leave negative experiences behind you.

You will learn what stage presence is and how to exude it. Why does one person capture your attention the moment he or she steps onstage while another does not? Presence is not something magical or mystical, it can be acquired. We show you what to focus on to gain more presence. You will sharpen your self-awareness and we will school you in how to reflect upon your performances. Self-reflection is an important skill in today's professional world, while failing to reflect in a properly focused manner can cause insecurity. We train you to do so in a productive and purposeful way.


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